Are You Doing All You Can to Become a Leader?

Introducing a wonderful new book that will show you the path to leadership
Choose to Lead--Advice, Tools, and Strategies for Women from Women

By Narmen Fennoy Hunter and Deborah Chambers Chima

Choose to Lead--Advice, Tools, and Strategies for Women from Women will show you how to make a conscious choice to lead rather than falling into a leadership role by chance. This book is for women who want to learn to lead in powerful and effective ways.

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This book is for:

  • women who want to serve as coaches and mentors
  • women who want to lead but don't know how;
  • women who have never considered leading because they think it is too difficult
  • women who have experienced leading and are seeking guidance to be more effective
  • men or women who seek to understand the importance of nurturing and developing more women leaders

Choose to Lead addresses the main issues that challenge women such as constant pressure to achieve a manageable work/life balance. Here, the authors show how to determine "what matters most" in the ongoing quest for managing a career and personal life.

Following are just a few of the many things you will learn in this compelling book:

  • 5 essential competencies of effective leadership: 1) communication, 2) people development, 3) team building, 4) leveraging diversity, and 5) change leadership. A step-by-step process is provided that offers proven tools and strategies for learning and mastering these competencies.
  • how to develop more women leaders
  • how to identify leadership opportunities
  • recognizing leadership obstacles and how to remove them
  • the importance of effective networking
  • the identification of mentors as options to ensure career goals

And there is more. Choose to Lead will provide you with real-world business scenarios that are exercises based on information from previous chapters. Recommended responses to these scenarios are given at the end of the chapter. The authors also include individual personal development exercises. An Assessment instrument and a Goal-Setting and Action plan template are provided. The authors use fictional managers throughout the book to illustrate how to use the advice, tools, and strategies to become a successful leader,

The authors identified and interviewed a very diverse group of women from the following seven career paths:

  1. Academia/Education
  2. Business/ Corporate
  3. Community
  4. Entrepreneurial
  5. Government/Political
  6. Philanthropy
  7. Religion.

These accomplished female leaders, located throughout the USA, provide invaluable insight through tips and success stories on what has worked for them as they excel in leadership.

The authors share their individual leadership lessons learned from 58 years of combined corporate experiences as well as, how these lessons impacted their personal lives.

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