Classes, Seminars and Workshops

Partial List of Workshops We've Conducted

Career Development Series

  • Black Career Development
  • Women's Career Development


  • The Beauty and Power of Change
  • Effective Change


  • Communicating for Results
  • Inter-cultural Communication

Leveraging Diversity

  • Cultural Competence and Customer Satisfaction
  • Diversity, Inclusion and the Bottom Line
  • The Changing Workplace
  • Teachers, Students, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Women and the Value of Diversity


  • Attitudes, Habits, and Achievement
  • Directing and Managing for Success
  • Getting the Job Done
  • Project Management
  • 6 Steps to Successful Collaboration/Partnerships
  • WOW Service and Customer Satisfaction

Leadership Development

  • Effective Strategic Leadership in Today's Workplace
  • Leadership Development
  • The Art of Leadership: 5 Essential Competencies
  • How Effective Leaders Lead
  • Leadership Assessment

Human Resource Development

  • Performance Management System
  • Succession Planning System
  • Closing the Gap Between Performance and Potential—What Is versus What Could Be

Systems Development and Management

  • Strategic Planning System
  • Operational Planning System

Team Building

  • Improving Teamwork Through Respect—Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Making Teams Work

Time Management

  • Personal Productivity—Bottom Line Strategy of Ten
  • Work Life Balance—10 Easy Steps
  • Get Organized—Get Going
  • Take Control of Your Life and Your Time (a public workshop designed, developed and presented for two years)

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