Client Comments About Our Services - Partial List

"Ms. Hunter's competencies in the areas of Human Resources, Quality Management and Diversity are outstanding. She has the ability to connect with people at all levels from non-exempt through officer in a way that engages them in the discussions and creates behavioral change that impacts the individual and organizational performance. She is very insightful as to the needs of the clients with the competency and flexibility to adjust approach, curriculum and communication as necessary."
       Chere' Nabor, Senior Director
McDonald's Corporation

"Ms. Hunter has done an outstanding job in developing and facilitating both Changing Workforce and Diversity workshops and Sexual Harassment Awareness workshops to more than 5,000 participants on our campus. Her customized materials and multi-media presentations get the message across and are a hit! She has some of the highest ratings from workshop participants."
       Larine Y. Cowan, Ph.D Assistant Chancellor and Director
University of Illinois--UC

"From the participants I spoke with and the written evaluations, the workshop feedback was excellent and the content was comprehensive—just what we were looking for."
       Leigha Kinnear, Manager
Training and Development
Northwestern University

"Thanks so much for facilitating our Northwest WCD (Women's Career Development) session. You did a great job of engaging the group and keeping things fun along the way. Thanks as well for being such a fabulous role model."
       Cody Teets, General Manager
Northwest Region
McDonald's Corporation

"... please accept my sincere appreciation for serving as the keynote speaker at our FOCUS: Women in Business program.... Your enthusiasm and expertise on your topic were well received..."
       Sally Winkelman
Manager Event Services
Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce

"I'm fortunate to know quite a few outstanding speakers. These ladies (3) are my mentors, clients, and friends. They are wonderful, insightful and funny! I learn something new every time I hear them speak.

They are trainers, speakers, consultants, and coaches. ... Narmen Hunter is one of the three."

       Sue Kramer
Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance

"Based on feedback from our staff, the presentation was very highly rated. Not only was Ms. Narmen Hunter an excellent speaker and facilitator, but her audio-visual presentation was well received. Most beneficial was her ability to engage the staff and challenge traditional stereotypical thinking. ... As a result of this experience McKinley Health Center plans to engage FENNOY Consulting in a second series of workshops this fall."
       Robert D. Palinkas, MD
McKinley Health Center
Univeristy of Illinois—UC

"I have worked very closely with Narmen as she assisted us in implementing our strategic plan, organizational realignment, and monthly staff development and training meetings. ... Narmen would be a tremendous asset to your organization as a consultant, executive coach, and trainer."
       Lecia J. Rives, Esq.
Executive Director
Jackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation

"Ms. Hunter is an excellent facilitator who has customized presentations to meet the needs of our faculty and staff. ... Something that stands out to me about Ms. Hunter's work is her ability to use humor in an effort to increase the already high level of participant involvement and increase the speed and comfort of learning."
       Pamela L. Pirtle
Office of Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Disability Services
Northwestern University

"Great job on your presentation at the OBACI (Oak Brook Association of Commerce and Industry) last week."
       Rebecca Matchette
BEC, Inc.

"The Inter-Cultural Communications workshop was rated as extremely valuable by 84% of the participants. 94% of the participants said they would recommend this workshop to others.
       Northwestern University

"Nice to have a dynamic speaker."
       Workshop participant

"I wish the speaker had more time—she had excellent speaking skills and knowledge. "
       Workshop participant

"To be the best takes a lot... of exactly what you have. Thanks so much for your great job in facilitating our Leveraging Diversity and GenderSpeak learning."
       Frank Kebe
Chicago District McOpCo
McDonald's Corporation

"Thanks for the terrific seminar."
       Midwest Managers

"We appreciate the insights you shared with us.... In addition, we all found your business ideas interesting.... Your emphasis on balance of lifestyle as a key component to a successful business spoke volumes to each member of the class. ... we all learned a lot about entrepreneurship. Thanks again for the memorable experience."
       Illinois Wesleyan University - Entrepreneurship Class

"The activities were extremely effective."
       Workshop participant

"This seminar was great."
       Seminar participant

"Narmen, thank you so very much for exposing me and my fellow managers to this class. It dealt with so many aspects of the business world that we needed to know. You are a blessed individual and I thank you again for sharing your wisdom."
       Michigan Managers
McDonald's Corporation Michigan


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